How to check multiple Email accounts from one place with Multi Email Notifier


First of all download and install Multi Email Notifier on your Windows PC from following button

Multi Email Notifier has a very easy to use interface and it is very easy to learn to use it.


This is the toolbar of Multi EMail Notifier. You can access various functionalities of Multi EMail Notifier by clicking on these buttons. Holding the mouse over a button will show small detail about the functionality of the button and short cut key for it.

You can add an email account by clicking “Add Account” button of  “Email Account” group. You will be shown a user friendly wizard which will guide you through the process of adding an email account.

In the left panel there is the navigation menu of Multi EMail Notifier. Once you add an Email Account then you will see it here. Clicking on the name of account will show the mails for that account in main area. The selected account name will be underlined and blue in color. If an email account has unread mail then it will be shown in bold font.

At the center there is the main area of Multi EMail Notifier where you can see the details. By default you will see the summary screen here. On that screen you will get information about the email account like the Name, State, Check Interval Frequency, etc..

When you click an email account name on left navigation pane then this area will show 15 latest emails of that account (you can change the number in the settings). These emails will be exactly replicated what you have at mail server.  The emails shown here are just the copy of emails at your mail server. Multi Email Notifier does not make any changes to your mail server data.

For IMAP mails, you will also see what email are read /unread. in your inbox (read email are in Bold font).  For POP3 mails there is no way to check from server that an email is read /unread.  You can mark email as read manually in the program (but this will not reflect in your inbox).

If there is an error while checking for new emails then “View Error Log” will become enabled and you can click to view the error. 

Multi EMail Notifier automatically checks every 10 minutes for new emails. You are notified through sound alarm and notification window. You can change this behavior in options window

How to add your email accounts

This is the only thing you have do when you start using the software. Click the “Add Account” button which is the first button on the left side of toolbar. A wizard window will be shown to help you to add an email account for which you have to check emails. On the first screen type your email address and click on Next >

On the next scree enter the name you want to give the account. It could be any thing and does not need to be the login name or email address. For your convenience you can use email address so that you can easily identify it.

In next window choose the email service provider of your email account. IMAP / POP3 email accounts are those which are hosted on private mail servers and usually belongs to a company like

We suggest to use IMAP protocol for better performance, you have to check with your email provider if it offers IMAP or just POP3 support. You need to copy “Mail Server” and “Port”. For Gmail the Mail Server is “”, and Port is “993”. For other providers read: IMAP Settings for common Providers

Last step is to enter your login info (Email Address and Password or  “APP Password”)

On next screen you can test the email account you have just added. Click the “Test Connection” button to test the account. If there is any error you can still add the account by clicking “Finish” button. 

Once you click the “Finish” button the new account will be added and shown on the left side navigation menu. Click on the account name to select it. You can click the “Check Email” button from toolbar to check for new emails. By default Multi EMail Notifier automatically checks for new emails every 10 minutes.


This is Multi Email Notifier toolbar. All the functionalities of software can be achieved through it. Some of the toolbar functionality applies to selected email account (selected email account is shown in blue color with underline in left navigation pane).

Email Account group toolbar menu

Add Account: Click this button to add a new email account. You will be presented with a wizard which will guide step by step to add an email account.
Edit Account : Click this button to edit the selected email account. 
Delete Account: Click here to delete the selected emal account. All the data related to the account will be deleted. This does not have any effect on the data or email address on the mail server.
Check Email: Click here to check the selected email account for new emails. By default Multi EMail Notifier check for new emails in all account at every 10 minutes.


Actions group toolbar menu


Open Inbox: You can directly go to the inbox of selected email account by clicking this button. The inbox of email account will be launched in your default browser.
Clear Data: This will clear all the email copies downloaded from mail server of selected email account so when the email account is updated next time then it will download fresh copy of emails. It does not change the email data on mail server in any way.
Test Connection: Click this button to test connection for selected email account. 
Disabe Autocheck: It will disable the automatic check of all email accounts

Tools group toolbar menu

General Settings: Clicking this button will show options window, where you can set various options about the software.
Check All Emails: Clicking this button will check all the email accounts for new emails.
Backup / Restore: You can take the backup of email data, accounts, and settings, and restore them later.
Manage Accounts: You can enable/ disable individual accounts and also set custom check interval for each account.

General Settings



  1. Start application when computer is started: Check this option to make Multi EMail Notifier automatically start with windows. 
  2. Max number of emails loading per account: By default Multi EMail Notifier loads 15 emails per account. But you can choose another value. Be aware that a higher value can cause slowdowns in using the program.
  3. Email Content Preview Button:  this will allow you to see a preview of the email body (available in PRO version)
  4. Play sound on arrival of new mail: Check this option if you want sound to be played when a new email arrives. You can select your own sound to be played by clicking the button adjoining the text box.
  5. Show popup window on arrival of new mail: If this option is checked then a small popup window will be shown as new email arrives.
  6. Auto close notification alert window: If this option is unchecked then you have to manually close the alert window which pops up on arrival of new mail. If necessary, uncheck it with caution as too many open windows can eat up system resources.

Password Protection:

  1. Use password protection: Check this option to enter a password which will be required to access the application. This is useful if you are going away for sometime and someone else is using your computer. Please remember the password as it is not possible to recover it.

Backup/Restore email accounts

You can bring up this window by clicking “Backup Restore” button on main screen toolbar.

To backup all the email accounts click the “Backup” button. You will be asked to enter a file name. Type the file name and click “Save” button. Multi Email Notifier backup files use .men extension.

To restore the backup file click “Restore” button. You can choose the keep the existing email accounts else all the existing accounts will be deleted before restoring the email accounts frm backup file. If you choose this option then you can also select if the same account is also in the backup then shall the exisitng one be overwritten? After restoring the mail accounts, Multi Email Notifier will automatically restart.

Manage Multiple Email Accounts

You can bring up this window by clicking “Manage” button on main screen toolbar.

To select an email account click on the check box. If you want the checked email accounts to be disabled then click “Disable Account(s)” and vice-versa. If an account id diabled then it will not be checked for new emails.

You can choose the selected email accounts to have default interval or custom interval to check for emails. Selecting “Custom Settings” will enable the interval drop down box from which you can selet the interval. After this click “Change Interval” to change the check interval.

How to Create and Use a Google App Password

An App Password is a 16-digit passcode that gives an app or device restricted access to your Google Account without having to divulge your personal password and complete access to your Google Account.

Note: Google requires that you have 2-Step-Verification enabled before you can set up an app password.

  1. Go to your App Password page:
  2. In the Select app dropdown menu, choose the app MAIL
  3. In the Select device dropdown menu, choose WINDOWS COMPUTER
  4. Click Generate

In the Generated app password modal, copy your 16-digit password and paste it into your MULTI EMAIL NOTIFIER app.

Select Done.



Quick Information

Multi Email Notifier is a software which monitor any number of your Email accounts. It will notify you when a new email arrives in any of these accounts.

Multi Email Notifier does not make any change to your emails or any other data at mail server (, etc.). For your convenience Multi Email Notifier keeps copy of latest 15 emails of your account, henceforth referred as local copy. Making any changes to local copies does not have any effect on your emails at mail server. When you make any change, like read an email, delete an email etc., to latest 10 emails on mail server then these changes are automatically reflected on the local copies, next time Multi EMail Notfier updates.

When you make any change, like read an email, delete an email etc., to latest 10 emails on mail server then these changes are automatically reflected on the local copies, next time Multi EMail Notfier updates.

For POP3 accounts it is a little different. There is no way to know through the mail server whether an email is read or unread. When a POP3 account is updated for the first time then Multi EMail Notfier downloads 10 latest emails and assume them as unread even if they are read on mail server. After this first update, you will be correctly notified about new emails. Unlike other email accounts, for POP3, you have to manually mark unread emails as read in the software.


Data Security

Our primary objective while making this software was to provide absolute security to the data stored or displayed by the software.Data security has become major concern these days, specially if it is exchanged over the internet. Keeping this in mind we have taken all the measures to secure your data.

The software connects to mail server and only after proper authentication it goes ahead. The communication between the software and mail servers is done using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which makes the data transfer encrypted and secure. This is the same protocol used by web browsers like chrome, firefox etc to login.

All data like account login, name, urls etc. are stored in encrypted format, not only this, the email headers downloaded from mail servers are also encrypted. The login information is loaded to software memory in encrypted format only and is sent only to mail servers after proper authentication.

The algorithm used to encrypt the data is Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit. This is the same algorithm used by U.S government to protect classified documents.

Common Errors

Due to the nature of internet connection many time error occur while checking for emails. Unless these errors happen repeatedly there is nothing to worry about. When an error occur while checking email then “Error Log” button in the toolbar becomes enabled. Clicking that button shows the error log. 

If you have error about “Connection refused” or “Server denied” be sure to have the POP3 / IMAP  enabled in your email settings. 

If an error keeps happening we also suggest you to manually login to the email account and delete last email that is causing the problem

If the app is freezing, or emails are taking too long to download go in your Gmail (or any other provide) IMAP settings, set IMAP to only sync folders with 10,000 emails or fewer, see image below: